“My Europe Point”: Event to Promote European Democracy and European Parliament Elections

May 8, 2024 | Activities with EP Candidates, Slovakia

As part of an effort to raise awareness about the upcoming European Parliament elections and the importance of participating in them, a two-day event called “My Europe Point” was held in Nitra on May 6 and 7. The main activities of this event included discussions with European Parliament candidates, the opportunity to leave messages for candidates through a voting poll/ ballot box, and the distribution of informational materials.

Special attention during the event was focused on first-time voters. Discussions with European Parliament candidates provided an opportunity for young people to express their views and gain information directly from political representatives. All political parties with members running in the elections received invitation to participate in “My Europe Point.” We offered a platform for discussion to the top five parties leading the polls.

An online as well as a physical voting-like box was available during the discussion, where citizens could leave messages or suggestions, simulating voting and public involvement in the democratic process. Volunteers actively distributed informational materials and promotional items related to the European Parliament, the EU, and the project.

Active discussions with European Parliament candidates enhanced public engagement in the political process and facilitated direct communication between voters and political representatives. Additionally, the distribution of informational materials contributed to increasing awareness about the EU, specifically about the European Parliament, democracy, and the importance of the European elections.