Event at the European Parliament Offices in Valletta

Jun 30, 2024 | EP Simulation, Malta, Youth Outreach

TDM 2000 Malta has recently involved local youth (aged 13 to 20 years old) in Malta in an enlightening and interactive event at the European Parliament Offices in Valletta. Participants had the opportunity to explore the intricacies of European politics, focusing on the recent European elections, and engaging in a simulation of the European Parliament. The event included the following activities: Participants were warmly welcomed and acquainted with the event’s agenda, gaining an understanding of its significance in the context of European politics.

An official from the European Parliament Office provided valuable insights. Attendees learned about key dates, major parties, and critical issues at stake in the recent European elections. They received a comprehensive overview of the election process and understood its implications for the future of Europe. Participants stepped into the shoes of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), experiencing firsthand how the European Parliament operates.

They engaged in stimulating debates, negotiations, and decision-making processes, gaining a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of MEPs in shaping European policies. Attendees posed their burning questions and engaged in insightful discussions about the elections and parliamentary procedures. They took advantage of the opportunity to clarify doubts and deepen their understanding of European politics. Refreshments were enjoyed as participants networked with like-minded individuals sharing a keen interest in European politics and governance. They expanded their professional networks and exchanged ideas. We extend our gratitude to all who attended, contributing to the success of the event. Keep an eye out for future events to further enhance your knowledge and skills in political processes and decision-making.