“Changemakers” project inspires Estonian youth to participate in the European Parliament elections

Jun 30, 2024 | Youth Outreach, Estonia

As part of the European Parliament-funded “Changemakers” project, a group of inspiring young people visited numerous schools and youth organizations across Estonia to talk about the European Parliament and the importance of voting. These 10 selected changemakers traveled extensively, sharing their knowledge and experiences with the youth, encouraging them to exercise their right to vote and participate in the democratic process. Jacklyn began her journey at Valga Gymnasium, delivering an engaging presentation and facilitating a lively discussion with the students.

Her message reached many young people who were eager to learn about the workings of the European Parliament and the significance of participating in elections. Madis continued the project in Rakvere, where he held a similar session, emphasizing the importance of the European Parliament and the impact of voter participation. The youth in Rakvere were highly engaged, leading to fruitful discussions. Elis-Anett and Sandra visited Tartu Raatuse Gymnasium, where they interacted with students and shared their insights and experiences, sparking lively interest and debate. The students in Tartu were very receptive, asking numerous questions that demonstrated their deep interest and desire to contribute to the democratic process. Additionally, Elis-Anett and Sandra visited several other schools in Tartu, continuing their mission and reaching even more young people. Sheril, along with the president of TDM2000 Estonia, introduced the project to school leaders and sports club organizers in Tallinn and Harju County.

This meeting opened new avenues and collaboration opportunities to spread the message even further. Thanks to their efforts, the project reached various schools and sports clubs in Tallinn and Harju County, where young people learned more about the European Parliament and the importance of voting. Overall, we are immensely proud of our changemakers.

Their bold and open approaches have helped raise awareness among the youth about the importance of the European Parliament elections throughout Estonia. Their dedication and enthusiasm in spreading this crucial message have been invaluable, bringing the awareness campaign to the heart of our communities and achieving widespread impact.